Thai Cat Names

Thai Cat Names

Thai cat names are perfect for your Siamese or Burmese and on this page you’ll find some great names to pick from.

They also work well for any oriental breed or indeed for any cat – if you want a unique or interesting name for your cat check out this list.


ANURAK M “Male angel”
ARAN M “Forest”
AROON M “Dawn”
BOON-MEE M “Lucky”
CHAILAI F “Pretty”
CHAI-SON M “Mischievous boy”
CHAIYO M “Hurrah”
CHAO-FAH M “Prince”
CHARN CHAI M “Good in fighting”
CHATRI M “Brave knight”
CHET M “Brother”
CHURAI F “Good heart”
DAO F “Star”
DAW F “Stars”
DECHA M “Power”
HANSA F “Supreme happiness”
HOM F “Fragrant”
ISRA F “Freedom”
KAMON F “Heart”

KANDA F “Beloved”
KANNIKA F “A flower”
KASEM M “Well being”
KAYNA F “Girl”
KLA M “Brave”
KLAHAN M “Brave”
LAMAI F “Soft”
LAWAN F “Beautiful”
MALAI F “Garland of flowers”
MALI F “Flower”
MANI F “Gem”
MEE NOI M “Little bear”
NONG YAO F “Young lady”
PHAWTA F “Pleasing to the eye”
PREECHA M “Intelligence / Wisdom”
RATANA F “Crystal”
RATREE F “Night”
SAKDA M “Power”
SANUN F “Happy”


thai cat  names

SAP M “Wealth”
SAWATDI F “Greeting”
SINN F “Treasure”
SIRIPORN F “Glorious blessing”
SOM PHON F “Blessing”
SONCHAI M “Masculine”
SUCHART M “Born into a good life”
SUD M “Tiger”
SUDA F “Girl”
SUMATRA M “Peak of excellence”
SUNAN M “Good word”
SUNTI M “Peace”
VIDURA M “Precious gem”
WIPA F “Beautiful girl”
YOD RAK M “Beloved”
YU-PHA F “Young girl”

This list of Thai cat names is one of many on the site – be sure to browse around and check them all out.