Mythical Cat Names

“Big List of Mythical Cat Names”

Mythical Cat Names

A collection of mythical cat names, featuring names from the myths and legends of many different cultures and nations.

The perfect place to find a name for the cat with a little bit of mystique and mystery – or one whose sure to become a legend in his nine lifetimes.

Pick your favorite from the list below.

ADEONA Roman Goddess who protects children
ANHUR Egyptian God of war
APOLLO Roman God of poetry and music
ASTRAEUS Greek Titan of stars and planets
AURA Greek Titan of the breeze and fresh cool air
AURORA Roman Goddess of the dawn
BELLONA Roman War goddess
CAELUS Roman God of the sky
CHAOS Greek The nothingness from which all else sprang
CLEMENTIA Roman Goddess of forgiveness and mercy
COEUS Greek Titan of intellect
COLLATINA Roman Goddess of hills
DIANA Roman Goddess of the hunt, the moon (sister of Apollo)
EOS Greek Titan of the dawn
FAMA Roman Goddess of fame and rumor
FLORA Roman Goddes of flowers
FORTUNA Roman Goddess of luck
FREKI Nordic Odin’s gigantic wolf
GERI Nordic Odin’s gigantic wolf
HERCULES Roman God of strength

HERMES Greek God of travel and son of Zeus
IABET Egyptian Goddes of the east
IAH Egyptian God of the moon
IAPETUS Greek Titian of mortality
IRIS Roman Goddess of the rainbow
JANUS Roman Double faced god of beginnings and endings
JUNO Roman Queen of the gods
JUPITER Roman King of the gods
JUVENTAS Roman Goddess of youth
KHONSU Egyptian God of youth and the moon
LETO Greek Titan of motherhood (female)
LUNA Roman Goddess of the moon
MARS Roman God of war
MENHIT Egyptian Goddess of war
MERCURY Roman Messenger of the gods
MERET Egyptian Goddess of rejoicing, singing and dancing
MIN Egyptian God of fertility
MUTA Roman Goddess of silence
NEFERTEM Egyptian God of healing and beauty
NEMESIS Greek Goddess of revenage


mythical cat names

NOX Roman Goddess of night
NUT Egyptian Goddess of the sky and heavens
ODIN Nordic Chief god of the Norse
OUREA Greek God of mountains
PETBE Egyptian God of revenge
PHOEBE Greek Titan of intellect and prophency (female)
PONTUS Greek God of the sea
POSEIDON Greek God of the sea, rivers and storms
RHEA Greek Titan of fertility (female)
SANCUS Roman God of loyalty and honesty
SATURN Roman Titan and god of harvest
SELENE Greek Titan of the moon (female)
SETH Egyptian God of the desert, storms
SOBEK Egyptian God of the Nile
SORS Roman God of luck
THEIA Greek Titan of sight, shining light of the blue sky (female)
THEMIS Greek Titan of divine law and order
TRIVIA Roman Goddess of crossroads and magic
URANUS Greek God of the heavens
VESTA Roman Goddess of the hearth and Roman state
ZEUS Greek King of the gods

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