French Cat Names

“French Cat Names with Ooh La La!”

French Cat Names

Bonjour, looking for French cat names with a touch of French flair? Then you’ve come to the right place.

On his page we bring together names of famous french people and places as well as common French names and their meanings.

So if you’re looking for French cat names you should start your search right here.

AMORETTE “Little love” (female)
ANDRE Form of Andrew / “Warrior”
ANTOINETTE “Flourishing” (female)
ARMELL “Princess”
AUDREY Audrey Tautou (actress)
AVRIL “April”
BAGUETTE Traditional French loaf of bread
BARDOT Brigitte Bardot (actress, animal rights activist)
BASILE “King” / Form of Basil
BEAU “Handsome”
BERET Soft rounded hat
BLANC Mount Blanc (highest mountain in the Alps)
BLANCHE “White” (female)
BOLLINGER House of Champagne
BORDEAUX Region of France
BOUVIER French maiden name of former US First Lady Jackie Kennedy
BRITTANY Region of France
BURGUNDY Region of France

CANTONA Eric Cantona (soccer player)
CAPRICE “Fanciful”
CHAMPAGNE Region of France
CHANTELLE French lingerie company
CLAIRE “Clear” / “Bright”
CLAUDE Claude Monet (painter)
CLAUDETTE Feminine form of Claude
CLOUSEAU Jacques Clouseau (fictional detective) Pink Panther movies
COCO Fashion designer Coco Chanel
COGNAC Brandy named after the town
CORSICA French island in the Mediterranean Sea
DANIELLE Danielle Darrieux (actress)
DE GAULLE Charles De Gaulle (former President of France)
DELINE Nickname for Adeline / “Noble”
DEPARDIEU Gerald Depardieu (actor)
DIOR Christian Dior (fashion designer)
DOM PERIGNON House of Champagne (Moet and Chandon)
DOMANIQUE “Of God” (unisex)
EIFFEL Eiffel Tower (famous French landmark)


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ELLE “She” / Also a French magazine
EMMANUELLE Emmanuelle Beart (actress)
ESTEE “Star”
EVA Eva Green (actress)
EVETTE From the name Eve
GIGI “Trustworthy”
HENNESSY Cognac from the town of the same name
HENRI From the name Henry
HUGO Victor Hugo (author)
JACQUELINE “To promise”
JACQUES From the name Jacob
JANELLE Form of Jane
JEANETTE “God is gracious” / Form of Jean
JEAN-PAUL Jean-Paul Gaultier (fashion designer)
JEAN-PIERRE Jean-Pierre Leaud (actor)
JOLIE “Pretty”
JOSEPHINE Josephine de Beauharnais (wife of Napoleon Bonaparte)
JULIETTE Juliette Binoche (actress)
LAETITIA Laetitia Casta (model and actress)

LORRAINE Region of France
LOUIS Name of sixteen French kings
LOURVE Louvre Museum in Paris
LYON City in southern France
MAKELELE Claude Makelele (soccer player)
MARCEL Marcel Marceau (actor and mime)
MARGOT “Pearl” / Nickname for Marguerite
MARIANNE National emblem of France
MARIE-CLAIRE French fashion magazine
MARION Marion Cotillard (actress)
MARSEILLE City in southern France
MARTELL French Brandy
MARTINEZ Olivier Martinez (actor)
MATHIS “Gift of God”
MATTISE Henri Matisse (painter)
MOET Moet and Chandon (House of Champagne)
MONTPELLIER Town in southern France
NANCY City in north-east France
NAPOLEON Napoleon Bonaparte (general and later Emperor)


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NORMANDY Region in northern France
ORLEANS City in northern France
PARIS Capital of France
PEUGEOT French made car
PHILIPPE Form of Philip
PICARDY Region in northern France
PIERRE Pierre Cardin (fashion designer)
PISSARO Camille Pissarro (artist)
PYRENEES Mountain region between France and Spain
RACQUEL “Kind” (female)
REINE “Queen”
RENAULT French made car
RENE “Reborn” (male)
RENEE “Reborn” (female)
RENO Jean Reno (actor)
RENOIR Pierre-Auguste Renoir (painter)
RITZ Cesar Ritz (hotelier)
ROBESPIERRE Maximilien Robespierre (influential figure in Revolution)
ROGER Roger Vadim (movies director)
SARKOZY Nicolas Sarkozy (current French president)

SAVOY Guy Savoy (renowned chef)
SHERYL “Dear one”
SOPHIE Sophie Marceau (actress)
STEPHANE Stephane Peterhansel (rally racer)
SUZANNE Suzanne Lenglen (tennis player)
THIERRY Thierry Henry (soccer player)
TOULOUSE City in southwest France
VERSAILLES Palace of Versailles (outside Paris)
VICTOR Victor Hugo (author)
VIERA Patrick Viera (soccer player)
ZIDANE Zinedine Zidane (soccer player)

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