Famous Cats Names

“Big List of Famous Cats Names”

Famous Cats Names

Our list of famous cats names features cats that are either famous in their own right or have somebody famous for a guardian.

We’ve pulled together movie star cats, cat characters, celebrity pets and the cats of former Presidents – or First Cats, as they prefer to be called.


ANGELO Actress Mischa Barton (white cat)
ANNIE Ricki Lake (actress and talk show host)
BEETHOVEN Martha Stewart (Himalayan)
BIMBO Swiss artist Paul Klee (white cat)
BISMARCK Florence Nightingale (Persian)
BLACKIE US President Calvin Coolidge
BOB British prime minister Winston Churchhill (tuxedo)
BUFFY Susan Wood (Persian)
CAKE Actor Warren Beatty
CHANG MAI Sally Jessy Raphael (talk show host)
CLEO US President Ronald Reagan (Tortoiseshell)
COBBY Author Thomas Hardy (Blue Persian)
DAISY Actress Alyssa Milano
DEWEY World-famous library cat (ginger)
DISRAELI Florence Nightingale (Persian)
FELIX Actress Kirsten Dunst
FRANK SINATRA Rapper Snoop Dogg (Siamese)
FREDDY Cartoonist (Dilbert) Scott Adams
FRITZI Swiss artist Paul Klee (Tabby)
GEORGE Rock guitarist Eddie Van Halen

GLADSTONE Florence Nightingale (Persian)
HESTER Pop artist Andy Warhol
INDIA US President George W Bush
INKY Actress Kirsten Dunst
JOCK British prime minister Winston Churchhill (Tabby)
LITTLE MAN Actress Cameron Diaz
LUCY Actress Alyssa Milano
MARGATE British prime minister Winston Churchhill (black)
MILES Actress Alyssa Milano
MILES DAVIS Rapper Snoop Dogg (Siamese)
MITTENS Actor Billy Crystal (black & white)
MOLLY Actress and talk show host Ricki Lake
MOMO Actor Goran Visnjic
MORTGAGE Robert Bigelow (Las Vegas real-estate magnate)
MOUCHE French author Victor Hugo
MOZART Martha Stewart (Hilmalayan)
MYS Swiss artist Paul Klee (dark longhair)
NELSON British prime minister Winston Churchhill (black)
NEMO British prime minister Harold Winston (Siamese)
NUGGI Swiss artist Paul Klee (Longhair)


famous cat names

PLAYDOUGH Starred in Catwoman with and adopted by Halle Berry
RIKI Actor Goran Visnjic
ROVER Fashion designer Marc Jacobs
SAM Pop artist Andy Warhol
SARA US President Ronald Reagan (Tortoiseshell)
SARAH Cartoonist (Dilbert) Scott Adams
SAWYER Susan Wood (Persian)
SHE Actress Bo Derek
SHEBA Sally Jessy Raphael (talk show host)
SIAM US President Rutherford Hayes (Siamese)
SIMON Actress Alyssa Milano
SMOKEY Actor of Justin Berfield (Persian)
SNOW Scientist Erasmus Darwin (Persian)
SOCKS US President Bill Clinton (black & white)
TANGO British prime minister Winston Churchhill (Tabby)
TAXES Robert Bigelow (Las Vegas Real-estate magnate)
TAZ Actress Kirsten Dunst
TEENEY Martha Stewart (Hilmalayan)
TIGER US President Calvin Coolidge
TIMMY US President Calvin Coolidge

VELVET Susan Wood (black cat)
VERDI Martha Stewart (Hilmalayan)
VIVALDI Martha Stewart (Hilmalayan)
WEENEY Martha Stewart (Hilmalayan)
WINSTON Actress Lily Tomlin
WIZ Actor Justin Berfield (Siamese)
WRITEOFF Robert Bigelow (Las Vegas Real-estate magnate)
ZERT Actress Christina Ricci (Himalayan)
ZORRO Actress Kirsten Dunst

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