British Cat Names

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British Cat Names

Looking for British cat names?

On this page we’ve pulled together a great list of British names featuring famous British people, places, icons and traditions. Here you’ll find British movie stars, musicians, sports stars, cities, castles and more – all of which also make great cat names.

So, if British cat names appeal to you this is the perfect place to start your search.


ABERDEEN City in Scotland
AGATHA Agatha Christie (author – creator of Hercule Poirot)
ASTON Aston Martin (British luxury sports car)
ATTENBOROUGH David Attenborough (wildlife docs on BBC)
BAGPIPE Scottish musical instrument
BALMORAL Balmoral Castle (Scottish royal castle)
BASSEY Shirley Bassey (Welsh singer)
BEATRIX Beatrix Potter (English author – The Tales of Peter Rabbit)
BENNY Benny Hill (comedian – The Benny Hill Show)
BENTLEY British made luxury car
BOWIE David Bowie (singer)
BRANSON Richard Branson (businessman)
BRIGHTON Coastal city in southern England
BRYON Lord Bryon (English poet)
BURTON Richard Burton (Welsh actor)
CAINE Michael Caine (actor)
CAMBRIDGE City famous for its university
CARDIFF Capital of Wales
CHAPLIN Charlie Chaplin (comedian)
CHELSEA Area of London

CHRISTIE Agatha Christie (author – creator of Hercule Poirot)
CHURCHILL Winston Churchill (prime minister)
CONNERY Sean Connery (Scottish actor)
CROMWELL Oliver Cromwell (Lord Protector of England)
DALTON Timothy Dalton (Welsh actor)
DARWIN Charles Darwin (English naturalist)
DENNIS Dennis the Menace (English comic)
DEVON County in southwest England
DIANA Diana, Princess of Wales
DICKENS Charles Dickens (author)
DISRAELI Benjamin Disraeli (prime minister)
DOYLE Arthur Conan Doyle (creator of Sherlock Holmes)
DUNDEE City in Scotland
DUSTY Dusty Springfield (singer)
DYLAN Dylan Thomas (Welsh poet)
ELIZABETH Name of two English queens
ENID Enid Blyton (children’s author)
ETON Town close to Windsor (famous for the college)
FALWTY Fawlty Towers (British comedy show)
FLEMING Ian Fleming (English author- James Bond creator)


british cat  names

FLORENCE Florence Nightingale
FLOYD Pink Floyd (English band)
FRANCIS Francis Drake (vice admiral of English navy)
GATWICK Airport in south London
GLASGOW City in Scotland
HEATHROW Airport in west London
HENRY Name of eight English monarchs
HITCHCOCK Alfred Hitchcock (movie director)
HOLMES Sherlock Holmes (fictional English detective)
HOPKINS Anthony Hopkins (Welsh actor)
JAGGER Mick Jagger (singer Rolling Stones)
JANE Jane Austen (English novelist)
JUDI Judi Dench (English actress)
KENSINGTON District of Greater London
KENT County in southern England
LADY JANE Lady Jane Grey (queen of England for 9 days)
LAUREL Stan Laurel (one part of the Laurel & Hardy duo)
LENNON John Lennon (The Beatles)
LEWIS C.S Lewis (English author – The Chronicles of Narnia)
LONDON Capital of England

LUMLEY Joanna Lumley (actress)
MAGGIE Maggie Smith (actress)
MASON James Mason (English actor)
MCCARTNEY Paul McCartney (The Beatles)
MCGREGOR Ewan McGregor (Scottish actor)
MONTGOMERY Bernard Montgomery (Field Marshall World War II)
MONTY Monty Python (British comedy series)
NELSON Horatio Nelson (admiral English navy)
NEWTON Isaac Newton (founder of modern physics)
NIVEN David Niven (actor)
OLIVIER Laurence Olivier (actor)
OXFORD County in England (famous for the university)
PETER PAN By Scottish author J.M Barrie
PICCADILLY Piccadilly Circus (London)
RALEIGH Walter Raleigh (Explorer)
RANKIN Ian Rankin (Scottish author)
RIDLEY Ridley Scott (movie director)
ROB ROY Rob Roy Macgregor (Scottish folk hero)
ROGER Roger Moore (actor)
ROWLING JK Rowling (English author – creator of Harry Potter)
ROYCE Rolls Royce (British made luxury car)


british cat  names

RUPERT Rupert Bear (English comic)
SELLERS Peter Sellers (actor, Pink Panther movies)
SHAKESPEARE William Shakespeare
SHELLY Mary Shelley (author, creator of Frankenstein)
SNOWDON Highest mountain in Wales
SOHO Area in the West End of London
SOMERSET County in southern England
SWANSEA City in Wales
TARTAN Traditional wool patch
THAMES Thames River
THATCHER Margaret Thatcher (first female prime minister)
TOM JONES Welsh singer
TRAFALGAR Trafalgar Square, London
VICTORIA Longest British reigning monarch
VIRGINIA Virginia Woolfe (English author)
VIVIEN Vivien Leigh (actress)
WALLACE William Wallace (Scottish hero)
WALTER Walter Scott (Scottish historian)
WELLINGTON Duke of Wellington (won the Battle of Waterloo)
WELLS HG Wells (English author – The War of the Worlds)

WEMBLEY Football stadium in northwest London
WESTMINISTER Borough of London
WIMBLEDON Famous tennis club/tournament
WINDSOR In the county of Berkshire (famous for the castle)
WREN Christopher Wren (famed architect)
WREXHAM City in north Wales
ZEPPLIN Led Zepplin (English rock band)

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